15 Graduate Dissertation Topics About Indian History

This list of dissertation topics on Indian History is perfect for students at the college or graduate-level. They are ideas developed by a team of professional writers and editors and are completely free to use and modify in any way you deem fit for your specific assignment:

Open-Ended Dissertation Indian History Topic Ideas

  1. The ways in which post-colonial India literature affects the Western views and opinions of development in the region.
  2. The history of India is one that is filled with several social ups and downs, but it is exactly this instability which has contributed to its contemporary political atmosphere.
  3. India’s political future in the modern world. The ways in which the country’s relationship with Europe’s first world countries can help India develop technologically.
  4. Despite the country’s history as a British colony and it’s unification towards its independence in the 20th century, India is still home to hundreds of different cultures that cause political division.
  5. India has a long tradition of welcoming tourists from countries that are culturally different. But no major changes have been made to accommodate different ethnicities.

Dissertation Topic Ideas for College-Level Courses

  1. In what ways has Buddhism changed politics and society in India where the majority of people are of the Hindi faith?
  2. How did the Islamic faith manage to become the country’s dominant religion during the 8th century? What were the major belief systems in place before this transition?
  3. Ashoka, one of India’s most powerful and influential rulers, converted to Buddhism and helped spread that religion’s teachings throughout other parts of Asia. How did he achieve this?
  4. How has India successfully become the leading country for outsourcing technology products and services to other countries all over the world?
  5. What were the major causes of the Indian Rebellion of 1857? Could the rebellion have been avoided had the ruling party had better relations with the East India Company?

Graduate Dissertation Topics on Modern Indian History

  1. With over a million members of the Indian military serving in WWI, how is it that political alliances with European countries have not been as strong as expected?
  2. How were the British trading companies able to outlast their competitors from other parts of the world? What role did this play in India’s independence?
  3. What influence did Mohandas K. Gandhi's nonviolent movement have on the social and political reform prior to India’s independence?
  4. What were the major reasons for the creation of two separate states (India and Pakistan) after India gained its independence in 1947? What is the current relationship between the two?
  5. Would it have been possible to prevent India from splitting if its role in WWII had been any different? What supporting evidence is there for differing opinions about the war?

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