The Liebster Award…No…I don’t know either…

I was nominated to do this lovely little tag thingy from the BRILLIANT Children’s Bookseller Darran! His blog is HERE and you should go and look at it because his reviews are brill and stuff! Also, he’s a boy Children’s Bookseller, a rare breed of utter bookish brilliance! GO LOOK NOW THEN COME BACK AND READ THE REST OF THIS! It’s okay, I’ll wait.

Just relive my dance days…bonus fact right there


Welcome back! 🙂

11 Facts About Me

1) Up until Saturday 22nd November 2014 I was a Children’s Bookseller (Hence the major Bookseller love up there!)

2) I now work in a bank! (Don’t ask, I know it’s weird!)

3) I technically met my partner through YouTube. It is a long, convoluted story that ended up with the two of us being a town apart, then us attending the same concert. We’ve now been together for two years. It’s pretty awesome! 😀

4) When I was in Year 9, I won an award for Best Lady Macbeth in our schools Shakespeare Festival. (The Headmaster wanted to award me Best Actress until he realised I was a boy…)

5) On the subject of me in drag, in Year 10 we did a Children’s Theatre module where we did The Little Mermaid. I was Grimsby (the Butler) but also one of the Daughters of Triton. 😉

6) I had extremely long hair for a year or so meaning I was often mistaken for a girl. At one point, it was styled in what others affectionately called “The Lampshade”, and I referred to as Rachel Green circa Season 7.


7) In Primary School I was fully convinced I was in love with a girl called Lucy. She was the best and she got a rose every Valentines day for about six years.

8) In Secondary School, before my grand exit from le placard, I was fully convinced of the same thing with a girl called Zoe. We’re now just very good friends and we look upon the weird “George Loves Zoe” years as we all do the “Joey Loves Rachel” years. (Loving my Friends references. #GetOnMyLevel!)

9) If it wasn’t for “Boy Meets Boy” by David Levithan, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I stand by the fact that “Boy Meets Boy” saved my life.

10) I am a HUGE Britney Spears fan. I don’t care if she mimes, I don’t care if she doesn’t seem bothered anymore, I don’t care the Britney Jean was kind of a mess. I LOVE HER!

11) Cranberry Wheats are the best cereal. Bar none!


Why did you start blogging?

A couple of reasons really! I like writing reviews of books is one, I like having opinions on things is another and I want to be an author is the third one. I know an online presence isn’t essential, but I like that I have a place on the internet where I am based, that is all my own (and wordpress’ but still!)

My favourite, with its original cover :)
My favourite, with its original cover 🙂
And also this, but ONLY with the original's important...
And also this, but ONLY with the original cover…it’s important…

Which is your favourite book?

There are many books that I would count as among my favourites but Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan is a book that means the absolute world to me. I really don’t know who I would be without it. It’s truly wonderful!

Also Two Boys Kissing though because I whole heartedly believe that, for someone else, it could do for them what Boy Meets Boy did for me.

True fact.





Which is your favourite film?

My favourite film is probably Singin’ In The Rain starring the incomparable Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and that other dude. KIDDING! Good grief, Donald O’Connor! It’s my feel good film and I don’t share it with people often just in case they don’t like it. I’m not sure I could take it to be honest.

I also love The Devil Wears Prada but that’s for very different reasons. Most of those reasons are Meryl Streep. Other reasons include Emily, Stanley and Anne, but it’s mostly Meryl!




Which Documentary would you recommend and why?

Not really a huge documentary watcher… Off the top of my head I literally can’t think of a documentary that i have watched and enjoyed enough that I would recommend it.

What has been your favourite vacation and why?

I remember really enjoying to Disney World, but I don’t remember much about what happened while I was there because I was quite young. Twas about 10 years ago now. Crazy.

I also have fond memories of family holidays to English coastal towns where we’d hang on beaches and I could write looking out at the sea and stuff. I felt all wanky and writer like and it was bloody excellent.

What would be your dream job?

To be a full time writer. Though, when discussing it with Jordan the other day, we established that I probably wouldn’t be able to do this because I’d end up sitting at home watching Murder, She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder. Mostly Murder, She Wrote. I LOVE Murder, She Wrote.

Who is your biggest blog inspiration?

LucyTheReader/QueenOfContemporary is a pretty big one. James Dawson for sure, especially when he writes opinion pieces and things. I referenced him in an evaluation for one of my Final Creative Writing pieces. It got a first. Great use of references got a mention, just saying!

What hobbies do you have aside from blogging?

I really don’t feel I blog enough to call it a hobby, but let’s just say it is for arguments sake.

I read (obviously, quite a lot!), I write a lot, watch old TV (currently Gossip Girl, recently Ugly Better, loving life!), tweet, eat too much etc.

Damn I wish there was something on here that required going outside…

Who is your biggest life inspiration?

Jordan (Boyfriend), J.K. Rowling and Beyonce. For a variety of reasons, most of all because they’re all sassy, beautiful and have made a great impact on my life! 🙂


I Nominate…

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