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So this internship at Puffin (which you can read about Week 1 of hereΒ and Week 2 of here) has given me an awful lot of time for reading both to and from on the train. On my journeys I have managed to read a total of 9 books, which is marvellous as it lowers my humungous TBR pile and increases my book count for 2014! (PS: I am now at 43 thanks to this! BOOM!)

So I thought, as I physically will not have time to review them all individually, I would do a couple of mini reviews! Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Monday 17/03 – FEARSOME DREAMER by Laure Eve

I picked this book up from work last month because I worked with Laure while I was at Hachette Children’s Books in the Marketing and Publicity Department. The short version of this review will tell you that this book completely kicked my ass.

Electrifying, original and so lyrical! I can’t help but feel like every word has been chosen with such care! An absolutely cracking read! Bring on the sequel…like…now!


The Illusionists comes out on 3rd July 2014

Tuesday – 18/03 SKULLDUGGERY PLEASANT by Derek Landy

So I went into this with fairly high expectations even though I didn’t really know what to expect because I know very little of the series apart from that it is popular. That makes little or no sense but it makes sense in my head. IΒ loved it. And I mean loved. I devoured the book in a day, as I said above, and thought it was pitch perfect! It was funny, it was exciting and, at times, it was a little bit scary. Exactly what I want from a Middle Grade fantasy story. The character choices are also so fantastic that it turns into a supernatural version of Sherlock, except Sherlock is a skeleton and Watson is a 12 year old girl.


Wednesday 19/03 – SKULLDUGGERY PLEASANT: PLAYING WITH FIRE (#2) by Derek Landy

This sequel is just as pitch perfect as book one. Hilarious, exciting and still very original. Landy has really put an original spin on the Sherlock concept and it is very impressive to read, an absolute pleasure in fact!


LIES LIKE LOVE by Louisa Reid

This is the long awaited follow up to BLACK HEART BLUE which was released in 2011. I don’t think I am allowed to say too much as I read it during my time at Puffin but, rest assured, it is heart breaking, pitch perfect and brilliant. If you’re a fan of John Green, Rainbow Rowell or David Levithan, this book is a million per cent for you!


Thursday 20/03 – SKULLDUGGERY PLEASANT: THE FACELESS ONES (#3) by Derek Landy

I think I loved this one the most (so far) out of the Skullduggery Pleasant books! This is when it really hits the fan and the characters are put in some major peril. I don’t want to say anything about the plot line because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but holy wow this is the definition of a good Middle Grade book. If you want to write brilliant MG, this is the series to read for absolute certain!


Friday 21/03 – WHERE THE ROCK SPLITS THE SKY by Philip Webb

The problems I had with WTRSTS are the same problems that I had withΒ The 5th Wave when that first came out. (I think I only rated that 2 stars, so it seems that WTRSTS has faired slightly better!)

It is a science fiction western hybrid with bucket loads of potential that was left unfulfilled. We follow the story of Megan who is, at the opening of the story, being chased by mysterious characters called Visitors. After being given a map from her long lost father by her Aunt, she sets off on her way into the Zone with her friend Luis.

The world building in this is insane. We travel with Megan through it as she meets new people and discovers parts of the world she hasn’t seen before. It is fascinating and I really enjoyed travelling through it. But that doesn’t make a good book. I had so little interest in the plot. It was, for want of a better word, boring. And the ending was so incredibly cheesy that I just couldn’t deal with it.

I was so disappointed in this book because the concept was so exciting (a world that has stopped turning) but it just ended up getting weird and alien-y and I was just very underwhelmed.


Monday 24/03 – UGLIES (#1) by Scott Westerfeld

I have been wanting to read the UGLIES series by Scott Westerfeld for AGES so when I decided to pick this one up I was very excited to get stuck in. I read it in two days and couldn’t put it down at all. I thought the book (even though it’s nearly 10 years old!) was so current and interesting. It tells the story of a society obsessed with plastic surgery and modifying their bodies. At the age of 16, every Ugly (normal person) is transformed into a Pretty and given a new life of parties and totally happy-making activities. Tally, though not the most likeable of characters, was incredibly interesting to watch as she interacted with the world. What I loved is that she wasn’t your typical hero. She was more focussed on whatΒ she wanted for a lot of the book rather than what is good for everyone else. Brilliant read, would highly recommend!


Wednesday 26/03 – LOVE IS THE HIGHER LAW by David Levithan

This account of three lives living in New York around the time of 9/11 is poignant and beautiful. David Levithan’s writing is so strong and moving in all three of the voices he uses and he displays three very different reactions to the tragedy. It had me a little bit in tears at several moments. One of those books that makes you cry out while you’re reading it.


Thursday 27/03 – PRETTIES (#2) by Scott Westerfeld

I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first one. I felt like I was sort of reading Book 1 again but with slight differences…I don’t know. I just wasn’t so mad on it!


So those are the books I read in the last 2 weeks of March during my internship at Puffin! Hope you enjoyed! πŸ™‚

What did you read last month?


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