One Third! :)

Greetings my writerly lovelies,

I’ve just remembered that I have a blog. How marvellous! Somewhere I can write at length about…well…me and my writings.

Just the other day I got, as this title suggests, approximately one third of the way through draft 6 of Time Keepers! To say I was excited is something of an understatement. I have already made so many little changes that I feel are for the better and added things in that, hopefully, enhance the story. But who is to say! No-one has read beyond Chapter Three before and, at present, my partner is the only one who has anything beyond the initial three chapters. I await his feedback with a nervous smile.

In other news, I start my internship on Monday, bright and early, where I shall begin my learnings on the literary agency. June is going to be an interesting month.

Cover of “THE 5TH WAVE” by Rick Yancey

I’ll be at the agency Monday – Wednesday and writing in the evenings, working weekends and potentially working overtime on Thursdays and, while all this is happening, seeing the boyfriend whenever I can. (Which at this point, given our work schedules, appears to be Friday…darn)

On the 11th June I am going to see Rick Yancey (author of Penguin Books’ heavily promoted, YA/sci-fi/Hunger Games meets Enders Game meets I Am Number Four/Thriller THE 5TH WAVE) at Penguin HQ when he will be doing an event about the YA Book Series.

I’m currently reading the book and…well…I’m not totally sold on it yet but the story is picking up in pace. Want it to be good…nervous about how it’s currently going…hmmm…