AIP//001 – Literary Agency

Hello there!

So this week was something of a busy and slightly marvellous week for the George Lesters of this world…also known as me. This week, my adventures in the world of publishing continued! 🙂

During my time at Templar Publishing, I applied for a non-existent internship at The Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency hoping that I might get a chance to see how a literary agency works now that I’ve seen something of publishing! My friend Liza at Templar kindly sent off a recommendation for me and, badda-bing-badda-boom, I received an email from Penny asking if I could do some time in June! I was so excited!! 🙂

So I met with Penny on Monday at the offices for a little getting-to-know-you kind of chat and it was simply fabulous. The offices are so cute and the wide range of authors and illustrators they represent is even broader than i imagined! On the third of June I’ll be starting at Caroline Sheldon, doing 3 days a week for a month or so. I’ll be reading submissions, sending submissions off to publishers and, hopefully, learning a hell of a lot!

I’m very excited. On the writing front I’ve not really got up to much this week. It’s been more about other kinds of work. In a couple of weeks my time will free up and I’ll really be able to work on the new draft of my book.


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