Hello! :)

So i sit here on my bed in my smaller-than-average-for-what-I-pay-for-it bedroom and have started to blog. Heaven knows why, but I wanted to find somewhere to put my thoughts on paper…well…internet style paper.

I want to write.

Well I have written and I want to continue to write so I shall, but I want to write and for people to see it, read it, enjoy it.

I started writing and wanting to be a writer at a very young age, I suppose. I think I was around 7 or 8 when I naively proclaimed that I wanted to be JK Rowling. That dream faded into a more real thought of “I want to be a writer” by the time I was about 13. I wrote my first novel at around age 11. It was 20 pages of A4 and I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of anything in my life. It was a surreal experience to have written such a long piece of work and, in my excitement, I sent it off to anywhere and everywhere that published my most favorite books.

Needless to say, rejection swiftly followed, but with kind words of “you have a vivid imagination for someone of your age” and “don’t give up, try writing short stories and entering contests”. Having done an internship at a publishing house, it would appear that this letter is a standard format sent to younger authors so as not to discourage them. Boo hiss.

Anyway, Time Travel Keepers was rewritten to a much greater length but left in the back of a drawer somewhere around the age of 12. Perhaps it was lacking confidence, perhaps I knew it wasn’t ready. Whatever it was, I left it there for 6 years.

Through the magic of a teacher, Mrs Goldsmith, the story came back to life in my head. It had been laying dormant for so many years that it came out fresh and new and I couldn’t help but start work on it immediately.

NaNoWriMo 2009 marked the first fully completed draft of Time Travel Keepers.

In 2010, I gave the story a drastic overhaul and wrote it once more, finally finding a version that I felt happy with.

In 2012, I edited through this version at the beginning of the year and, on September 3rd, I finally became comfortable with the ending. The fourth draft was given to a publishing friend of mine who gave me notes that have proved incredibly valuable.

After receiving her advice, I left the story for three months and did my best to not think about it. In March 2013, I picked the story up again with a new title (Time Keepers) and began to line edit from start to finish, ‘strip away the inessential’ (JK Rowling, 2008) and add in what needed expansion. The edits are continuing now and, if you care to listen, I shall chronicle it here.


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