George On…The Dreaded MIDDLE!

I read a post the yesterday from one Miss Victoria Walters about beginning a new story/a new novel/a new piece of writing (CLICK HERE TO READ, IT’S BRILL!) and it got me to thinking. I posted a comment about how much I agree with what she said but how I really struggle when it comes to the middle. So I thought I would share my thoughts on that horrendously big chunk vaguely known as MIDDLE in one’s beautiful novel.

I am currently in the throws of this month’s NaNoWriMo session and am writing hard! I started off oh so very strong, getting pretty far ahead within the first few days. I think I’d managed to sprint something stupid like 20k in 6 days. Pretty insane and my wrists were totally starting to hurt, but all was going swimmingly.

Then something happened.

I don’t quite know what it was, but there was a sudden change in the air. Suddenly I’m not sure whether or not I am doing the right things. At the beginning I felt so sure that I was! I felt I was setting up the right points and introducing various bits and bobs in the plot, cheeky bit of foreshadowing here and there for good measure (Book 2 won’t set up itself! *nudge nudge, wink wink*). But, having reached the dizzying heights of 30k (yes, that is about 10k in about 10 days! Slow down much?) I am starting to worry if it is going right. Is this still the story I started writing? Is this too slow? Question, question, question, doubt, doubt, doubt, hides in a corner and reads/plays Pokemon for a bit.

It’s not that I have hit a patch of writer’s block or anything like that. I am still writing and it is still flowing well when I am doing it, but I think maybe fear is setting in. The story is kicking off properly now as the dreaded MIDDLE really gets going. Two characters are about to meet and, if I do it right, two worlds will collide and sh*t is going to get a little bit real on their asses. If I do it right?

I’m a bit of an overthinker (sometimes) when it comes to writing, Victoria would definitely tell you that! Many a lunch (and even the occasional shift when we were booksellers in the same store) was whiled away as we talked and nattered and chatted and questioned our writing into oblivion. But it can’t be just me (and Victoria) who is like this? So tell me, am I just overthinking this? Or am I not the only person to panic over the dreaded MIDDLE (even when you’re only just arriving to it!)? Do you like Beginnings or Middles? And do you get in a tizz and hide when you get to the dreaded MIDDLE? Now have a compulsion to go and write a book called the dreaded MIDDLE…it’s got a nice ring to it…


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