E. Lockhart Event (02/12/14)


I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but Andrew Hall (@PewterWolf13 on the Twitter) asked and I felt like I should oblige!

SO LET THE MADNESS BEGIN! I had been on a course all day so was WAY overdressed in my suit and tie combo. The tie was removed…it didn’t make that much difference. I stuck out like a sore thumb! #Awks! I was also horrendously early to Waterstones Piccadilly, which was great because I had plenty of time to wander around the gorgeous shop and browse and lust after all of the books but bad because I had to show some serious restraint and NOT BUY ALL OF THE THINGS!

I was a good boy.


The bae...
The bae…

The event was being held in the fabulously classy Lower Ground floor reception area at Waterstones Piccadilly. A perfect venue! The atmostphere was completely electric by the time I got there because the event was due to start in mere minutes! I was SO EXCITED! Completely buzzing off my tits as I walked in, bumped into Nicole Burstein (@NicoleBurstein) and said Hello to a few people I knew who were going to be sitting near us. So far, such fun! 🙂

I got to speak to the gorgeous lovelies at Hot Key Books (@HotKeyBooks) for a little while, Olivia Mead (@MeadOlivia) and crew were very lovely and welcoming to little old me, and I also got to chat with the AMAZING Laure Eve (@LaureEve), whose books (Fearsome Dreamer and The Illusionists) I LOVED! We’ve met and chatted in the past (I interned where she works, we also share a literary agent) but it is the first time I have seen her since finishing The Illusionists so there was much flailing and book related gushing. I have a lot of love for that Duology!

OH! And I met Sanne from BooksAndQuills and it took me about 20 minutes before I worked out just who she was an I nearly had a panic attack because OH MY GOSH IT’S FREAKING BOOKSANDQUILLS THOUGH!

E. Lockhart (@elockhart) arrived alongside Anna James (@acaseforbooks) and the talk began! It was a touch later than billed but the room was so buzzing with excitement, I don’t think anyone cared!

Cheeky Hot Key wheel do-dad...I'm sure these have a proper name...
Cheeky Hot Key wheel do-dad…I’m sure these have a proper name…

Anna probed Lockhart with expertly crafted questions on both We Were Liars and, newly brought to the UK by Hot Key Books, 2008’s The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks. We learnt of Lockhart’s inspiration behind GoodReads Young Adult Book of the Year We Were Liars (fairytale books, King Lear and Wuthering Heights. Yup! AWESOME!) of her childhood and the beginnings of her writing career. She was insightful, charming and completely hilarious. She was inspiring, honest and pulled no punches. She answered all questions and fielded them with grace and sheer brilliance!


I absolutely love these events. It is one thing to love the book but a completely different thing to get a chance to love the author. Getting to see Lockhart talk about writing and her writing career and her life and YA fiction was simply wonderful. Last night was marvellous and all thanks to the brilliance of Waterstones and Hot Key Books. So thank you to the both of you for a wonderful evening, and Hot Key Books for bringing these wonderful titles to our eager bookish faces, and to E. Lockhart, please come back soon!


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