BOOKTALK// The Girl Who Walked On Air by Emma Carroll

20751439Abandoned as a baby at Chipchase’s Travelling Circus, Louie dreams of becoming a ‘Showstopper’. Yet Mr Chipchase only ever lets her sell tickets. No Death-Defying Stunts for her. So in secret, Louie practises her act- the tightrope- and dreams of being the Girl Who Walked on Air. All she needs is to be given the chance to shine.

One night a terrible accident occurs. Now the circus needs Louie’s help, and with rival show Wellbeloved’s stealing their crowds, Mr Chipchase needs a Showstopper- fast. 

Against his better judgement, he lets Louie perform. She is a sensation and gets an offer from the sinister Mr Wellbeloved himself to perform in America. But nothing is quite as it seems and soon Louie’s bravery is tested not just on the highwire but in confronting her past and the shady characters in the world of the circus . . .

Publisher: Faber

Publication Date: 7th August 2014

Pages: 336

AcquisitionSent for review

Ah Emma Carroll. Dear sweet wonderful Emma Carroll. Last year I read her debut Frost Hollow Hall (Gorgeous, Victorian ghost story. It is all kinds of brilliant/creepy/fantastic! Yes!) and I have been waiting for her to do something else. As a pro-stalker on twitter, I knew Book 2 was coming and slowly information appeared about what this beautiful creation would be. A story about a Victorian Circus? Yes please!

So this book was sent to me by Faber for review. This does not affect my opinion in any way and this review is all me!

To start off with, I absolutely adored Louie! She is spunky, outgoing and bold as they come. And the best part about her? The best part is that she knows what she wants and she does everything possible in order to get it. It’s admirable and, not to sound like a book has to have a moralistic aspect or anything, it is a great thing for kids to read about.

Apart from Louie, I really love the cast of characters Carroll has created. Jasper is fab and oh so sweet to her, Mr Chipchase, Ned and even the dark and mysterious Mr Wellbeloved. They’re all so well drawn and have their only little quirks that makes them pop off the page.

Usually historical fiction is not my bag, but there is something about the way Carroll constructs her stories that makes me love it. The plot has so many twists and turns with a hook at the end of each chapter that just makes you want to keep reading. And then there are the emotional moments whether that be with Jasper, or her dog Pip, that really make you feel.

If you liked Rooftoppers (Katherine Rundell) then you will LOVE this book. This book gave me all of the feelings with a lot of emotional moments that are incredibly well written. Carroll’s writing is beautiful and standout. Her stories are fresh and interesting. This is the start of a wonderful and, hopefully, long career.


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