2016 Resolutions

I’m normally rubbish with resolutions, completely bloody rubbish and the first person to poo-poo the idea altogether. In fact, 2015 George would have said some combination of the following: Why wait until the New Year? Why do you need an excuse to get your shit together? Why is this Friday different from any other Friday? Gosh!

But maybe I’ve gone soft this year, or maybe I’ve decided there are things I actually want to achieve, because this year I can tell you why.

It is our clean slate. Our chance to start some bits again. And while I feel you can make a life change at any point in the year (firm believer in getting my shit together when I need to, soz) the satisfaction that comes from starting stuff on 01/01 is hard to deny. I get it, I really do; whether it’s a physical thing that is tangible (losing weight, writing your novel etc.) or something you want to change about yourself (being more confident, being kinder etc.) starting on 01/01 can be satisfying because it’s the beginning of something. THE BEGINNING OF A NEW YOU!!! NEW YEAR, NEW ME! (*vomit, stab, kill it with fire* I hate the NEW YEAR, NEW ME brigade. They’re annoying and just asking for trouble. #Real)

So, I’ve chosen four for myself. Three that are measurable, I guess, so I’ll be able to look back at this time next year and think “Yup, I did a thing.” And one that I will only really be able to make sense of if I am properly honest with myself.


I have a really bad habit of letting this site, and my youtube channel, fall by the wayside in the wake of life. I don’t like that because when I do make stuff for them, I am incredibly happy. I love writing blog posts and I love making videos. Obviously it’s all about finding the time to do it, but I know I could use my time better. So, with that in mind, I, once again, want to try and keep myself active here and on youtube. It may mean it’s less frequent, but quality over quantity will have to be the key here. I really want to make stuff I am proud of (not that I’m not proud of previous stuff, but I want to take time over things). And, hey, at least there will be stuff. I also want to talk about more things than books. I love watching TV and Films and want to do more of that. I feel like I missed out on a lot of stuff this year and want to rectify! So maybe I’ll write about that stuff. Who knows?

Writing Insta



I wrote two hundred thousand words (or thereabouts) in the past year, and the year before, and I have loved it. I bloody love writing, I really do, so the resolution is just to keep that up. If I want to write a book, I will, if I want to write some short stories, I will. I have loved the writing I have done this year, whether it’s been good or bad is irrelvant, it has all been practice.

Stuff I did: Two complete novels, a couple of beginnings of things, one half of a thing, and a short story (with plans for others.) More of this in 2016. Yes please!


Take More Pictures

A big one for me really because I feel like there have been a lot of moments I would’ve liked to capture on camera this year and I just haven’t done it. I don’t know why. Embarrassment? Awkwardness? Both of these things and more I imagine. Fuck that. I want more pictures of things so I’m going to take them. They won’t all be on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram, but I will have them to look at to remind me what a fantastic year I have had (hopefully!)

Live In The Now

Stupid and wanky? Yeah, it sounds it. I have this habit of always waiting for the “next thing” that is going to make everything better, that is going to make me happier than I ever could have imagined and, in doing that, I am clearly missing out on how brilliant life is right at this very second. I need to stop comparing myself to other people and just do my thing. I need to live in the moment and be happy with what I have. I’m a pretty lucky guy, I have a great life, a great boyfriend, great friends, a great job, a great agent, and now is the time to appreciate it. If not now, then when?

So there you go! Four things that I can totally do! I mean I want to get better with money and continue to sort out my body (weight and looks wise) but these have been ongoing for the last couple of months, so to put it under the resolution banner feels like bad luck, so there!

Now go forth friends and make your resolutions and fuck the naysayers (like 2015 George, what a dick!) Make tiny goals that you can set out for yourself and can achieve. Don’t be hard on yourself if you slip up. Don’t make anything too outlandish or something that you can’t control. But also don’t give up. You can pick yourself up at any point in the year and try again. Failure is a part of life and nothing worth having is easy. You will trip up, I promise, but it will be sweet when you succeed.

Have an awesome 2016.

Bonus resolution: Wear My Glasses More

These headaches aren’t going away, and you and I both know it isn’t a caffeine thing. Wear your glasses and stop being so vain. Get new frames if the way they make your face look bothers you that much. Douche.

What are your resolutions for 2016? How are you going to make this the best year ever?